BikerDown Membership Program takes a Pro-active approach to our Membership Program.  We offer several levels of membership to meet any need or budget. 

You do not need to be a member of to receive help from our group. However membership does have some extra privileges. If you are a member and do not have health insurance we have a program that grants you additional security in case of any type of accident. We have acquired the services of Aflac to give all of our members the option of securing an accident policy that pays cash benefits in the event any of our members become motorcycle accident victims.

There are different types of membership with our organization.

Make A Donation - $20.00 per year - We keep your IN CASE OF EMERGENCY information on file at and in the event of an emergency we will contact your family or contact information

Annual Membership - For $35.00 per year -   you can have the peace of mind to know if you breakdown or have an accident can get your bike off the road and safe at home. Maximum of 2 tows per year. 

Membership including Roadside and Accident Policy - $35.00 per month - 35.00 per month - for a low monthly fee and an additional monthly fee you can have roadside assistance along with an Aflac Accident Policy that will pay you cash benefits in case of any type of accident.  

Membership Plus Spouse 2 bikes 2 riders  - $65.00 per month - for a low annual & monthly fee you can have roadside assistance, an Aflac Accident policy that will pay you cash benefits in case of any type of accident, and your spouse will be covered as well.  

100% of the annual membership fee goes directly into our Accident Fund that is used to help our injured and fallen riders.

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